Salim Al Ismaili


Dr. Salim Al Ismaili, BSc., MD, SA, AB, KSUF (ORL), joins Oman International Hospital family as the Senior Consultant otorhinolaryngologist and Head and Neck Surgeon. He has received his double certification from the Saudi Board and Arab Board with King Saud University fallow ship (ORL) in addition to variety of training courses and work shops.

Dr. Ismaili has more than 20 years’ experience in the specialty with special area of interest in cochlear implants and middle ear implants.

His Surgical experience include: - Cochlear Implant Surgery- Child/Adult - Middle ear implants - Bone Anchored Hearing Device (BAHA) - Mastoidectomy—cortical, modified radical and Radical - Stapedectomy/Stapedotomy - Tympanoplasty/ Ossiculoplasty - Canaloplasty - Myringotomy & Grommets/T-tubes insertion - Functional endoscopic sinus surgeries - Septoplasty/ turbinoplasty - CSF leak repair - Obstructive sleep apnea surgeries - Adeno- tonsillectomy - Micro laryngoscopy - Bronchoscopy/ esophagoscopty - Tracheostomy