Janan Al Abdawani

Oman ENT Society Secretary General

Dr Janan Al Abduwani is a consultant ENT Surgeon with over 11 years of experience. She had completed her Medical Graduation From Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain. hen she did her Internship from the various hospital in Oman followed by a year as a general physician. She then joined the Oman medical speciality Board post graduation program for Otorhinolaryngology residency program. Thereafter she went for fellowship in one of the most renowned hospitals, Queen Elizabeth Hospital under the ersity hospital of Birmingham, UK. She then obtained the European board fellowship certificate for Otorhinolaryngology. She currently works as a consultant in AL Nahda hospital as well as a visiting consultant in Apolo Hospital She is trained in the Endoscopic as well as conventional surgeries of ear, nose and throat. She has a good amount of experience in surgeries for, endoscopic sinus surgeries, septal deviations, vocal cord surgeries, ear surgeries and tonsils and adenoid surgeries.