Dr. Ahmed Al Amadi


Dr Ahmad Alamadi graduated from Glasgow medical school in United Kingdom in 1993 he completed his training in Scotland by obtaining his Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow in 1998. He followed his higher surgical training with a clinical Neurotology fellowship program in Toronto University in Canada. Dr Alamadi is currently a consultant Otologist and Neurotologist, Medical Director at Al Baraha Hospital, Chief Executive Officer of Advance Hearing & Balance Center in Dubai and Clinical Associate Professor at Sharjah University. His expertise lies in Otological surgeries and management of dizzy patients. He is also involved in undergraduate and post graduate Teaching and Research.

11:00 - 11:10

23 September Room 3 (Audio-Vestibular, Speech & Swallowing - 1)

New concept in BPPV management

11:50 - 12:00

24 September Room 3 (ORL at Glance - 2)

Small fenestra laser stapedotomy how to avoid complications