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ENT Update

Endoscopic & Microscopic Temporal Bone Dissection workshop

Intensive course of basic and advanced techniques of endoscopic and microscopic ear surgeries including lectures and surgical videos as well as hands-on fresh cadaveric dissection guided by instructors.

In this workshop you will learn:

1. Endoscopic preparation of the EAC
2. Dissection and elevation of the tympano-Meatal flap
3. Chorda tympani dissection
4. Tympanic membrane elevation
5. Dierent types of myringoplasty (overlay, underlay)
6. Middle Ear exploration and identification of anatomical structures
7. Retrotympanum (and its dierent recesses), hypotympanum exploration
8. Protympanum anatomy (Eustachian tube, ICA identification and decompression)
9. Atticotomy
10. Ossicular chain exploration (keeping incus and stapes in place)
11. Cortical mastoidectomy / Canal wall up mastoidectomy
12. Facial nerve identification and decompression
13. Facial recess approach
14. Atticotomy, ossicular identification and ossiculoplasty
15. Stapes surgery
16. Cochlear implantation
17. Labyrinthectomy
18. Endolymphatic sac decompression
19. Translabyrinthine approach
20. Identification and opening of the IAC

*Each participant will have his/her own Fresh cadaver Dissections. 

*11.5 OMSBS CME Points